Anonymous asked:

I'm a very angry person with not many problems really. I just get mad at the world but I've always been trying to stay calm. And I'm always the person who might just stay quiet and be shy, scared if what to do. I know it might be kind if strange, but it's true. I feel like I just want to be free, but, I'm just too scared and I let my anger get in the way of my feelings. I worry too much, and it stops myself from enjoying my life sometimes. I want to be myself, but somehow, I can't.


The best way to deal with anger would be to:
Step 1: Find your triggers. Triggers are things that make you angry, wether it be a person, a type of weather, or the way someone says something, find those triggers, write them down, and then continue on the list.
Step 2: Dealing with the triggers. Some things, like people, you can avoid an hence you won’t get so angry. But other things like the weather you can’t avoid. So you need to go through your list of triggers and try to find a way to get past those things. Once you’ve identified triggers it’s actually easy to not get angry. Say thunder makes you angry. You hear thunder and think “This is one of my triggers. I want to become angry, but I need to find a way to get this anger out of me before I go into a full on rage”. That’s when you continue to the next step.
Step 3: Release. What do you like to do? Or you athletic? Artistic? Take your hobbies and try new things to release the anger build up inside you. Write down all of those angry thoughts and burn the paper. If you like running, go running, and enjoy the sunshine. If you’re like me and adore music make a playlist of angry songs, then mellow songs, then happy songs, and listen to it. Feel every emotion and learn to work through them. Draw a picture, play an instrument, but do something productive. Not only will you feel better emotionally, but you will have gotten something done! And now the final step.
Step 4: Smile! When you’re angry at the thunder, appreciate the sun that’s going to come soon. When you’re angry cause your mom said something annoying, appreciate that you have ears capable of hearing. Learn to love the world around you. Maybe your anger is there so that you’ll have to work harder to appreciate and admire. That’s not a bad thing. You can use that to fuel the imaginative and adventurous side of your mind. Remember, anger in itself is not bad. It’s how you let it affect or control you that’s bad.

Hope this helps!! :)